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Creating Long-lasting Impact for Your Next Conference

long-lasting impact conference - MCI Group Professional Congress Organizer

Consider this: in today’s world there is an abundance of information. From the latest technological developments and emerging social media trends, to engagement models and destination details, the constant barrage of information from various sources makes it more difficult for audiences to retain information overtime.

With this in mind, no association would want to invest in a conference that is bound to be soon forgotten, so it is important to stay on top of mind and create a long-lasting impact on delegates.

Keeping a mindful eye on the entire span of congress activities, there are numerous areas for consideration to excite attendees, sponsors and stakeholders. Here are a few ways to add new spins on common ideas and energise your delegates.

Utilise the location to the fullest

While attracting international audiences through hybrid experiences has opened up many opportunities for participation, registration, sponsorship and additional revenue streams, integrating the local character into the conference format is key to create long-lasting impact. An engaging conference is the one that smoothly combines scientific activity with entertainment.

As the conference location can provide exciting opportunities to attract attendees to a new city, leverage regional cuisines and offer a 100% local experience, it strongly influences the attendees’ decision making process and levels of participation. Factors like infrastructure, transportation options, security, use of international language and cultural heritage significantly affect the attendee experience, so creating and maintaining a competitive advantage is rooted in the selection of the destination.

Pick a memorable theme

Whether using a fresh theme or changing it up from past editions, re-thinking  your conference format can help you deliver an outstanding experience for delegates, while at the same time supporting your short- and long-term objectives. It allows you to build the conference identity, add a bit of character and set the tone of the event.

In regards to the program and the agenda, the right theme helps you also to focus your content around a concept, generate buzz to increase awareness and offers great opportunities to bring a visual appeal to the overarching message. Ultimately, all these contribute to developing a remarkable experience for your delegates, evoking an emotional and visual connection to engage and excite them.

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