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Future Sponsorship: How to Attract (And Keep) Sponsors?

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As sponsorship has exponentially evolved into a data-driven science, associations are often confronted with one pressing topic: how can they attract (and keep) sponsors and exhibitors? Today’s changing association market is anchored by the need to form meaningful partnerships with the corporate market and develop a deeper understanding of how the market operates and perceives value.

While organisations engage large investments on various marketing channels, either online or offline, placing a logo on a site and pulling up a banner at the venue are no longer sufficient to yield maximum ROI. This is where sponsorship comes in, acting as one of the most effective channels to secure high exposure and impact. So, what does it take to deliver return on investment to your sponsors?

Creating value and building trust online

Developing an environment of trust with the corporate market is no easy task, neither is customising a sponsorship package to perfectly fit individual needs. When it comes to return on investment and exposure, not all sponsors are the same, hence you need to have different approaches in place. The challenge is to find enough reasons to stay in contact with sponsors throughout the entire event life-cycle.

This is where an online platform can bridge the gap between demand and supply, while at the same time becoming a trusted source of information that will help associations tailor sponsorship packages even further. This platform mirrors one of today’s hottest trends: taking everything on the digital sphere. From content regarding onsite logistics, rules and regulations to possible upgrades in packages, floor-plans and corporate partnerships, exhibitors can now get a comprehensive overview before they make an informed decision.

The unmatched power of face-to-face 

Combining the right moment with the right opportunity is what strengthens recurring partnerships and more importantly creates new ones. Meeting potential clients at sponsors meetings and stimulating face-to-face conversations gives associations the opportunity to gather valuable input on the overall event and extract insights from personal experiences.

Even though large investment are dedicated to virtual reality gear, high-end technology and awe-inspiring equipment, it is this personal information that helps association to optimise their partnerships with sponsors and find ways to make them tick. Understanding their objectives and filtering out any unnecessary noise from technology is the starting point for providing them with the tools they need to make their investment flourish.

After all, the key traits of a win-win partnership are value, tangible results and ROI for those involved. Get more valuable insights on how to create immersive experiences, engage your audiences and drive growth here.

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