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MCI USA Advocacy Update


Two MCI USA clients, the National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) and the Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA), recently held advocacy days to further their efforts in shaping national policy on topics related to their cause.

NCSEA held the 2018 NCSEA Policy Forum at the Renaissance Washington, DC. The day’s theme was “Shaping the Future of Child Support.” Led by MCI USA talent and NCSEA Executive Director Ann Marie Ruskin, the NCSEA team pulled off a successful and excellent event! The event drew a large, passionate crowd who support the important mission of the association.

ICA held a Capitol Hill Walk where passionate members advocated for more research and awareness funding for interstitial cystitis through NIH, DoD and CDC. Their goal was also to stand as the voices of those who suffer from IC and other chronic pain patients who practice responsible pain management, but could be severely affected by any new opioid legislation that doesn’t address their needs.

Several ICA members were able to visit with Representative Karen Handel, who is fully supportive of the chronic pain patient’s perspective being considered when looking for solutions to the epidemic of opioid death and abuse. Following their conversation, she invited several ICA reps to an “Opioid Summit” being held in Atlanta; over 100 people from the District attended and Rep. Handel even specifically referenced their conversation in her later remarks on the topic.

Both organizations are fighting hard for forward motion in both policy and public awareness of child support and chronic pain. MCI USA’s advocacy experts provide strategy, messaging, and insider tips for building a successful advocacy program to help organizations attain their goals.

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