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Social Media Stories to Keep Attendees Engaged

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Social media stories. Before we get to it, let’s back up a bit: Stories have always been a part of history. They preserved ancient events for us to explore so we could understand those that lived before our time. As kids, we were told stories to understand the world. As adults, we are told stories through movies, games, personal experience blogs, and social media to keep us informed. They are a fundamental part of human evolution, connection and engagement; and they are becoming popular among social media users, which is approximately 2.62 billion people, of all ages, in the world.

So, it’s easy to get why social media stories are a great addition to our industry.

They can engage your audience before the event starts. 

Social media stories are essentially snippets of the entire experience, piecing together to form the story. So why not start from the beginning? Beginning with the production process, you can build up to the event and get your audience engaged and excited even before the event begins- creating that buzz.

Share it as it happens.

Social media stories last 24 hours on the platform. This is immediate, and creates a sense of urgency for attendees to keep engaged with the event. You are sharing the event as it happens, and so are your attendees.

Get collaborative. 

Specifically, Facebook collaborative stories allow for a collective approach to sharing attendee’s personal experiences at the event. All of these experiences get stitched together to form the event’s story from the individuals point of view. With call to actions, hashtags and text included in each story, engagement is enhanced and everyone gets involved.

Polls brews interactivity. 

Instagram has a great feature of adding a poll to your story. Remember, these stories are immediate and current. The poll feature creates guest interaction, thus encouraging engagement. Once they have voted, attendee’s will be able to keep an eye on which choice is in the lead.

Hold their attention, let them in on the behind the scenes. 

During the event (and before), hold their attention by sharing exclusive behind the scene footage. If the movie industry has taught us anything, it’s that people love transparency and enjoy knowing exactly what goes on behind the scenes. The Stories feature is great for this as they are short form videos and visuals. You can include sneak-peak footage that will, as we’ve mentioned before, only stay up for 24 hours.

Facebook and Instagram are two social media platforms that offer great story features to encourage attendee engagement. It’s safe to say that Stories are here to stay!

Whether you are looking for ways to uplift the overall experience with Facebook features, boost engagement or activate your audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. Visit us here to explore your options.

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