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You’ve Got Mail! How to Use Emails For Member Engagement

email marketing for associations

Email is arguably the most commonly used method of getting your message across a large universe of members. While it is an integral part of how organisations operate and interact with internal and external stakeholders, you shouldn’t disregard the risk of missing out on its full marketing potential.

As a channel, email is very effective at delivering targeted content, driving conversions and providing return on investment, so here is how to make sure you optimise its use:

Time is everything

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, in email marketing timing is everything. Especially when associations need to contact international members, or members that are scattered across the world, communication via email can be challenging.  The first days of the week usually have the highest email volume, however Friday is considered to have the highest click rate. Depending on your membership, make sure to monitor and identify the optimum time to ensure maximum email engagement.

Avoid impersonal communication

While sometimes you can’t avoid bulk communication, it is imperative to use names whenever possible. Your members will react more to a personal email that is directed to them, especially if this email contains information tailored to previous discussions. Try not to get carried away with the volume of your content. Use concise headlines and break down the text using bullet points. This will get your message across more quickly and generate responses.

Call to action

Your email content will never reach its full potential, unless the readers can actually do something with it. Always include call-to-actions (CTAs) to entice readers to click through. Make your CTAs stand out by using vibrant colours and make them visible throughout your emails. However, try to avoid over-complicating things by providing a wide variety of options. Do you want the recipients to share content? Go to your website for more information? Or perhaps contact you directly? As long as you are short and concise about what readers should do with the email, conversions will increase time after time.

Can the receiver interact with you on social media? 

If your association and membership is active on social media, emails are a great way to boost social engagement. Use social media buttons to drive readers to your channels, ask them to share content with their peers and let word-of-mouth do its trick.

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