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Do You Have an Event Logo? 3 Reasons Why You Should

Event Logo Importance

What is the purpose of an event logo?

It is the visual representation of your company, project or event’s mind-set, and helps amplify awareness among your audience. It is a strategic feature tying into event branding and experiential marketing, and the first thing your attendees see when coming into contact with your event, whether it be through social media, online advertising or when arriving on the day of the actual event.

Here are three important reasons why you should care about designing and utilising an event logo.

An event logo helps you differentiate from the crowd

The number of events happening on a monthly basis has increased ten-fold in the recent years. This grows the need to be different from the rest. A well thought out event logo is exactly the ticket to do so. An event logo can tell your visitors a lot on what your event is about with one glance. While event trends raise and fall, and event tools and techniques continue to evolve; logos remain a memorable visualisation to visitors in the long-term to remember an event by.

But it is not only about differentiating from other events. Your event should also creatively and cleverly stand apart from your standard company branding, without being so far away that your audience doesn’t easily relate it back to you. There is a fine line to be walked. The tip is to customise the logo based on your event theme, target audience or destination while still utilising your company’s unique style.

Invites the new and builds loyalty with the returning

When stimulating all of the 5 senses you promote engagement. One of these senses is sight. It is known that we are visual creatures by nature. We get attracted by appealing imagery; inviting us to click and learn more. A more subtle call-to-action if you will.  A logo can entice your audience to register to the event, share it to their peers and initiate conversation; contributing to word-of-mouth and promoting interaction.

A great logo is also one of the first steps to building loyalty and enhancing your credibility. You are not only giving an identity to your event, but a face as well. It promotes a stable reputation and professionalism.

Helps unify all elements for a full branded experience

Think SWAG packages, posters, flyers, advertisements, social media accounts, websites, infographics, credentials, video and all content related, shown and handed out pre-, during, and post- your event. A logo can be everywhere. It helps tie all event elements and relating content together to create a full branding experience for your attendees.

Gain more creative insights into enhancing your event branding and creating memorable experiences here.

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