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Live Polling for Breaking Ice and Other Event Things

Live Polling Events

Live polling, as a topic of tech trends, has been making its way through the eventscape – and for good reason. It is an efficient, cost-effective way to get the conversation started at your event, increasing engagement among your attendees. Seeing as its the in-thing and a social activity for sharing information or opinions, it can also help you attract the millennial audience.

And it all begins with a mobile phone, social media account/app and a question.

That’s not all though.

Help people talk to people

Think like an introvert for a second. It can be a scary concept for some people, the thought of approaching a person they don’t know and introducing themselves out of the blue. Doesn’t matter that a good percentage of their peers attending are in the same boat.

That is where live-polling excels. It is the means to start that conversation, and of approaching that person; facilitating networking. Additionally, it helps set the tone of your event.

Questions can get personal, such as ‘I have a hard time parting with…’. They can be creative, such as ‘Sum up your morning in a single word…’. They can also solely relate to the topic of the event. Share the results on-screen or discuss them at the start of the session with the entire audience. Watch how people look around, laugh, smile and nod or speak among each other about the answers.

Live-polling doesn’t only break the ice among attendees. It also helps break the ice between the speaker and the audience, transforming a typically one-sided presentation or speech into a two-way conversation.

Inject a healthy dose of competition

Live polling can stir up the competition and break the ice between your exhibitors as well (it doesn’t always have to be about the audience). As a get double the win with one stone situation, you can also encourage your attendees to visit most (if not all) booths.

Ask questions through your chosen live polling medium such as ‘Who has the best booth aesthetic?’, ‘Who has the greatest elevator pitch?’ or perhaps test attendee knowledge with ‘Booth (name) is located in Block E – True or False’. Make it fun. Make it valuable. Make it increase interactivity. 

Collect that data

Besides being a great tool to break the ice and find out what your attendees think of your event, venue, or perhaps even the food; live polling helps you collect and keep that data. You are essentially creating a heap of information to use in improving upon and planning your next event.

It’s a win-win with live polling. You can break the ice, initiate conversation and on the flip-side understand the success of your event and build your next bank of content.

Whether you are looking for ways to break the ice, boost engagement or activate your audiences, MCI can help you achieve your goals. Visit us here to explore your options.

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