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Ideas to Personalise Your Meetings & Events

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Ever wondered why a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t quite work as well anymore? Well, the best way to connect to your audience and engage them is to personalise to their specific needs.

Customer-centric focus and event personalisation is not entirely new, but it’s growing and becoming more sophisticated with the addition of refined data tools and increased social engagement; to help create the most memorable event experiences.

You are probably asking yourself “How do I go about this then?”. Well, we have a few ideas…

Co-creation: Let your attendees personalise their event schedule

With the addition of event apps, and the growing necessity for them, it is getting easier to personalise attendee experiences right down to the event activities. Let your attendees be the driver – they are your best allies.

This is the more costly approach to personalistion, but it’s definitely one to keep in mind.

How? Utilise an event app built around activities, speakers, performance line-up and event space to allow attendees to create their own schedule for the event duration. They can pick and choose on their own terms, creating a more meaningful experience for themselves and still engaging with your event.

The added benefit? Going paperless and boosting sustainability!

Be thoughtful & transform the event space

In order to understand different groups of people, we categorise them based on similar patterns in their behaviour and personality. Enter: Extroverts, Introverts & Ambiverts. Now of course, personality goes a lot deeper than three simple generalisations of people, but it is a good basis to start personalising and transforming your event space.

Understand the way introverts and extroverts react and interact with their environment, and mold your event space to fit their needs; such as an area within the event location for introverts who need a little bit of downtime to re-energise and re-focus.

It doesn’t hurt that transforming your event space to be accommodating to all personality types increases inclusivity as well.

Personalise based on destination

It doesn’t only have to be about personalising to your audience. You can personalise your attendee’s experiences based on the local flavour; especially relevant if you are planning a local event.

Personalise an event to a destination and create a more meaningful experience by:

  • Connecting with the local audience
  • Designing the event theme around the local environment
  • Engaging the local workforce
  • Using local products

Of course, the final important factor to personalising your event is having the relevant data in order to do so. Data can come from previous events (registration, social engagement and/or post-event surveys) or from research into the demographic.

Personalisation is already an expectant of society in everything we consume, so this makes it an invaluable tool for any event professional.

So, ready to personalise?

Gain more creative insights into enhancing your event experiences and creating an event to remember here.

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