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The Rule of Attendance: Towards an Irresistible RSVP Strategy

RSVP strategy

Did you know that 46,2% of event planners identify the need to increase delegate attendance as one of their bigger challenges? Getting people in a room is not difficult. The great challenge lies in getting the attendees that matter in that room. The right people are in most cases in high demand, hence competition skyrockets. Just when you thought sending out bulk invitations to as many people as possible was enough, in comes the simple – and yet never fully utilised – rule of delegate attendance: creating an irresistible RSVP strategy that will jostle competitors.

Even the slightest changes in your communication can stir up waves of success, as long as your conference approach and focus are where the greater value is; on the right people. So, do you want to reap the benefits of an invitation that strikes a nerve? Here’s what you need to think in advance:

Get the RSVP strategy right throughout all its steps

  • Getting the right people in the room is the end goal. However, there is an entire science behind growing delegate numbers.
  • Set up a complete targeted list of clean contacts.
  • Identify the right time and day to carry out your communication initiatives. An invitation that goes out on a Friday afternoon is more likely to be missed, if not ignored.
  • It is all about the story. Find that special hook that will drive recipients to take action.
  • No reply? Don’t give up on your delegates easily. Select the right channels and way to follow up.
  • Have a post-action strategy in place. Is there anything you can do after the recipient RSVP-ed? Can you share content to keep them warm until the day of the conference?

How to get delegates hit that “Attend” button

Consistency is key, especially when it comes to content and branding. Your conference invitations, including all of their touchpoints, should go hand-in-hand with the branding. Distributing content across different channels and platforms may often compromise the messaging and brand image on the online sphere, especially if there is no concrete communication plan in place. Aim for all communications to be immediately recognisable and blend them smoothly with the overall marketing strategy.

Speaking of the online world, one can’t simply overlook the link between attendance and email marketing. Apart from an overflowing number of messages, the email inbox holds great power – being one of the most effective ways to communicate conference details, promote content, and share invitations. Today’s flood of information may often turn email inboxes into black holes where messages and emails get lost. Therefore it is important to understand the basic rules of email marketing and how to get potential delegates to take action.

The first step is to minimise any unnecessary noise. Keep the message short, crisp and intriguing. The second step is to include the opt-in option. Opt-in allows the recipient to validate their email, and therefore confirm that they really want to receive emails from you. As a result, this improves the chances of delivery to their primary inbox and ultimately higher chances of visibility.

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