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Binge Phenomenon: Can Events Benefit?

binge phenomenon events

The binge phenomenon… There is something special about a night in, living room dark, popcorn popping and a Netflix series on screen. That is where you will be for the remainder of the weekend mind you, binging all of the juicy content to your hearts content. Content consumption is forever evolving.

It is so easy to get sucked into this mentality of just one more.

And then another one.

Before you know it, you are on Season 4.

And the binge phenomenon can be applied to food, alcohol, TV and movies. But can it be applied to live events?

Defining binge attending…

The principle is the same. Binge attending is when an individual attends multiple events in a single period of time, signing up to several events in one full sweep.

Much like binging a TV series on Netflix (or Amazon Prime), binge attending is driven by the desire for more and anticipation for the next.

One of the more common desires for binging is the fear of missing out (FOMO), but it can also be to experience new things, meet new people or to simply consume topical content.

That desire is the trigger to sign up for more. And rumor has it that binging attendees will sign up for any event that catches their specific interest.

Live-streaming events encourages binging…

It is much easier to binge events with the onslaught of live-streaming and broadcasting through YouTube and Twitch (to name a few).

Now, event-goers don’t have to leave their homes or travel across the world to attend multiple events.

This doesn’t replace the experience of being physically present at the event, but it does make events more binge-inclusive (if you will).

Grasping your binge attendees attention…

It is time to partner with similar events!

Think cross-promotion; social media promotion pre-event, on-site (or streamed) promotion at a similar event and communication post an event.

Of course, the important thing is to make sure the content of your promotion is relevant and connects.

Have you seen the feature of “similar articles” on various news sites? This is a clear way for someone to start binging content, and the same can be done at the point of sign-up by recommending similar events.

That being said, there are always two sides to a story. Live events can benefit from the binge phenomenon purely for the fact of being a live event.

Since its so easy to binge content these days, live events have become that much more appealing to interested parties.

So, this bandwagon can be jumped on either way!

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