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Copywriting Irresistible Content for Events

Copywriting for events

Copywriting is a powerful tool. Words can entice emotion – whether happy or sad – and inspire or initiate change. They can also help grow loyalty and trust.

It’s an impression of your company values and brand to your audience.

But let’s face it, it’s intimidating.

More often than not, people claim they ‘Can’t write’. Now sure, there are those of us who are word wizards. But before you say that you are unable to write, take a step back and consider all the writing you do daily: emails, cards, notes or lists.

Writing is a fundamental part of our existence – and should be fundamental to your event strategy. It only gets complicated once you start overthinking it.

Who are you writing for?

Who is the audience of your event? Write for them.

Writing for a millennial will be different when compared to writing for someone from Generation X. Same goes for writing for someone new to the event-scape versus attendees that are frequent goers. Persuasive writing is key here.

Knowing where your audience is now will help you write copy to successfully increase conversion.

Do some demographical or generational research into their needs. What else are they reading? What makes them keep coming back for more.

Copywriting for SEO.

Writing for the web doesn’t have to be rocket science. It all comes down to keywords.

But SEO isn’t a perfect art. It is constantly evolving as we evolve on the web. Whether you are writing for a companion blog, social media or a landing page – keywords are what make your content show up.

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes and think about how they would go about searching. What keywords would they use. Use those keywords in your copy to increase ranking, reach and conversion.

Let the benefits shine through.

Don’t take this the wrong way – features are important. But it’s the benefits that get people to attend an event. The benefits are an emotional-driven response to what event attendees desire, and how the feature will directly impact them.

So, turn it around and communicate a feature as a benefit.

Words can do this.

Call your audience to action!

The point of a call to action (CTA) is to get your audience to do something – so begin with a verb. Instruct your audience on what they should do next, to get the benefit of the event features that you switched around and described earlier.

It all connects.

Lastly, write simply. This is an important one, especially if you are writing for attendees from around the globe. Over-exaggerating and using words that most do not understand the meaning of won’t help get your message across. And if you aren’t feeling it, don’t force it. It will come to you, and then the words will flow onto the page like magic.

Whether you are looking to up your copywriting game, deliver maximum value or boost your event creativity, MCI can help you achieve your goals.

Visit our website to learn more.

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