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Too Many Conferences! Are You Sure Yours Stands Out?

conferences that stand out

What do delegates and conference participants mostly care about these days? A rather popular (and complex) theme is the quality of conferences. Just by monitoring the Web 2.0 world, tracking social media conversations and forum discussions, one can extract crucial insights on pressing association questions:

  • What makes delegates satisfied or dissatisfied after a conference?
  • How were the presentations and speakers perceived?
  • Did the audience have a chance to engage with the content of the sessions? Or was it really a monologue?
  • Did the conference manage to live up to the expectations of learning and networking opportunities?

Make the first time count

The number of returning delegates if one of the key indicators of successful conferences. That is why it is one of the most sought-after goals. A bad or good experience determines whether your conference participants will make the effort to join next time, so how can associations see familiar faces in the editions to come?

Cliché as it may be, a good first impression can be made only once. Give a warm welcome to your conference’s first-comers and ensure there is someone to greet them and show them around the venue. How about you offer them a sticker or a badge that identifies them as first-time delegates? That way, not only will you be able to offer them personalised assistance, but also they will be able to recognise each other.

Bring out the community experience with your content

Speakers are the backbone of all conferences’ success. A great selection of speakers should go hand-in-hand with impactful content. The power of having engaging speakers and powerful content is what really makes a difference. Messages and insights that are delivered in an engaging way, manage to stay in the delegates’ minds for years to come, keeping them warm and excited for next editions.

Accent the educational side of the conference by designing the right environment to make learning opportunities count. Is your conference a purely face-to-face experience? Or do you need to engage a larger community with virtual attendance? Think about the social media elements you can incorporate into the conference flow to extend and elevate the community experience.

Interactivity tramps monotony

People learn best from interaction, not solely by listening. Sitting and listening to presentation after presentation can ultimately make your delegates switch off. In terms of creating a successful conference, interactivity is more than just a buzzword. Delegates feel more intrigued and inspired when asked to get involved in discussions, or participate in live polling. This is what will generate interest and eventually make a stand-out programme.

Social media are of great help to this end. Screens featuring live feeds and observations not only outline the overall experience, but they also help delegates feel more involved with the content.

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