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Upgrading Association Membership With a Clean Database

association membership

Members are the lifeblood of any association. Trying to retain new members is one thing, but how can associations ensure that their existing members are engaged? Now that’s a conundrum for almost all association leaders.

While an organisation might be seemingly thriving within the highly competitive market, a closer look at its membership status may reveal significant gaps in the membership databases, and subsequently, in the overall engagement approach.

For long-standing associations this becomes an even bigger challenge. On account of the immense amount of data they possess, they are often under the misconception that these are efficiently utilised. Especially as they serve a diverse range of members with different interests and expectations, conducting a thorough assessment of the association membership database is unavoidable. A rigorous database clean-up can help associations identify what it is keeping them from making strong connections with their members and also understand what it takes to further boost their engagement.

The first step to greater engagement is looking at your association membership with fresh eyes. Then, do the following:

1. Clean

In order to extract maximum value from your database, it must be squeaky clean. That requires regular clean-up and constant care with the right data management tools. However, even before delving into elaborate systems, have a closer look at the tools and platforms you are already using.

There is a good chance your association uses email marketing as a communication tactic. To ensure you have an updated and filtered contact list, carefully review your email statistics and keep track of any unsubscribes or emails bouncing back.

2. Track

There is no need to resort to guesswork about how engaged your association members are, or how much attention they are getting, when your database has all the answers for you. You can extract critical insights from the way your members receive, process and engage with information.

Are your members engaging with the content you are sending them? What is their preferred channel of communication? In addition to tracking communications that resonate well with readers, try gaining insights from how they are reading those communications. If most readers are viewing your emails from their mobile device—focus your efforts on responsive design. If most readers are viewing your emails from their desktop— focus your efforts on desktop design.

3. Personalise

Cliche as it may be, the one-size-fits-all approach is long gone. The right message is the one that resonates with its recipient. Therefore, you need to make sure the right message goes to the right people. Target different segments of your membership with content that addresses their expectations and interests. Start off by creating marketing lists for different segments, identifying communication tactics that align with each membership level.

No association membership should be taken for granted. Going the extra mile to connecting these dots will set your association apart as an association that values its backbone; its members.

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