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Interactive Content to Improve Awareness & Relevance

interactive content

Associations have a great amount of content to share and yet members and prospects often feel that they are not getting as much interesting nor relevant information as expected.

Knowing the purpose, value and intended audience of your content is the cornerstone of a strong content marketing strategy. Otherwise, the goal of delivering meaningful messages to your members that cultivate deeper long-term relationships can easily drift away.

Through a targeted content marketing approach, your association’s communication can stay consistent, focused and relevant. Furthermore, a solid strategy can do more than that. Through distributing high-quality content, such as industry reports, webinars or thought leadership papers, associations keep their members apprised of their activities, whilst establishing themselves as authorities in their respective industries.

But, the value of sharing quality content doesn’t stop there. It has the power to further enhance the sense of belonging, inspiring members to create and sustain a network of informed, connected people, who can instigate stimulating discussions.

While it seems that everyone acknowledges the power of good content, particularly in times of increasingly demanding audiences, the average content strategy may not suffice.

Besides industry trends, associations need to make sure to stay on top of content trends if they aspire to get the attention of their audience. Enter interactive content.

Interactive content is much more than a typical video. It is all about the experience. It is about taking the best parts of your association’s content and moulding them in a way that requires advanced engagement levels from your audience.

Maybe your association has already used in one way or another interactive content, but perhaps not with a structured, deliberate approach. Here are some forms to consider to set you off on a great start with your content marketing approach:

Interactive infographics

Say goodbye to the static infographics and hello to those that induce a strong call-to-action –  or even require a certain type of action from the reader to unlock more premium content features.

Interactive videos

Watching a video can be more than just sitting back and passively staring at a screen. You can now create a video storyline that alters based on the viewer’s actions!

Surveys and polls

While wildly used already, polls and surveys are ideal for keeping your audiences’ attention and at the same time extract valuable insights right from the heart of your membership base.

At the end of the day, it is not about how many times you touch base with your members. It is about how much value your content delivers to them. So start putting relevancy before frequency and you will see those engagement numbers skyrocket.

Looking for additional tips to stay up-to-date with the shifting industry landscape? Visit here for more. Get more valuable insights on how to create immersive experiences, engage your audiences and drive growth here.

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