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How to Keep Your Conference in Prime Position

stand out conference

With a growing desire to increase impact, exposure and strengthen the legacy, what exactly does it take to create a showstopper conference?


Presenters and keynote speakers are the backbone of successful conferences, because they are the ones that can mould the experience, elevate the educational aspect of it and spark engagement. But, as the scientific content of the conference is developed and agreed upon in advance, is there enough room for innovation?

How about unexpected speakers?

One idea to keep in mind is how conference managers can alter their approach to selecting a certain type of speakers. Explore different possibilities and look at including keynotes from other industries, which at first sight, might seem distant from the nature of the conference, but in reality, it can ignite new ideas and trigger different types of inspiration.


We live in a time where everything is about experiences; therefore, the pressure is on for associations to go the extra mile and differentiate from competition.

As important as it is to let the content to its magic and engage delegates, conferences cannot overlook their experiential core.

There lies the approach of heeding the delegates background, expectations and emotions. Whilst the high quantity of plenary sessions, meetings and exhibitions promises enough of a learning and networking space, turning a blind eye on activities that rejuvenate the mind leads to missed opportunities. Consider offering hands-on experiences, outdoor or wellness activities and provide delegates sufficient opportunities to break, recharge and connect with each other.

Digital relief

The digital age is well upon us and conferences have surely been exposed to its impact and value. But, are associations doing enough to incorporate technology into their events? In a highly connected environment like the one we are in, systems that provide geo-location and time information can be of great use. For example, by linking the conference’s registration software to such systems, delegates can easily check-in via their mobile phones when they are close to the venue, and get directions about the location, peers or colleagues that are around and can connect with, etc.

Why not take advantage of such technological wonders to make a difference?

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