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Public Relations for Maximum Event Reach

Public Relations

Public Relations (PR): The planned and sustained effort to establish and maintain goodwill and mutual understanding between an organisation and its publics. (CIPR UK)

Surprisingly (or not to some), public relations have not always had the best reputation among business professionals. Not without reason, however; seeing as PR is usually the first in line to take a hit when things get rough.

Whether it is due to not wanting to take the risk or because of a lack of understanding exactly what PR is, there are many who are not investing.

When they should be!

The business world has radically changed in the last decade with the introduction of social media and ‘upgrade’ of data configuration and analysis. Core segments of any successful business, from marketing to business development and procurement, develop their strategies around this change, making PR pros the true ambassadors of the shift as they find themselves in the intersection of marketing, sales and customer service.

Public Relations professionals are your brand guardians and natural-born storytellers. Their primary focus is to share content that attracts attention and paints something within a positive light, through Paid, Earned, Shared and Owned media (the famous PESO model).

PR is one of the biggest contributors to capturing prospect attention, building public image and increasing public visibility of your event or brand. A PR team or individual would also take part in crisis management, internal communications, working with external press offices, writing social media content, and writing and maintaining website content.

With a PR team in place, you can build closer (and hopefully long-lasting) relations with journalists and external media sources; maintaining media coverage of your events in the long-run.

Let’s dive into some more reasons on why you should be investing in PR:


The further out your messaging can get, the better.

When done correctly, public relation activities can lead to increased organic journalist coverage of your event and brand, through their own channels and networks.

And so, begins the building of trust between your event, brand and the public (your audience and potential audience).

Positive mentions within the media is great word of mouth.


With impactful content, comes credibility.

If you have the correct messaging and a thoroughly thought out PR strategy in place, you can positively increase your credibility as a voice within the industry.

This leads to potential investment and can also help with attracting sponsors.

Business leads…

If PR is approached strategically, it can generate viable new business leads.

PR increases external awareness and allows media sources to cover your brand or event – spreading your message further.

From press releases to white papers, these content pieces under the PR realm are lead generating gold mines.

What reasons do you have for (or against) investing in event PR?

Share your comments with us and let’s start a dialogue.

Looking to up your PR game, get copy-writing or build your content marketing? MCI is here to support you in achieving your goals.

Visit our website to learn more about what we do.

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