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Festivals are the go-to Way to Attract Millennials

festivals attract millennials

Festivals may be loud. They may be large in scale.

But they attract a young crowd who crave these highly energised experiences. There is much we can learn from festivals.

From food stalls to featured artists and high-end stage productions, they do it all. According to research done by Eventbrite, Millennials attend events that help them shape their identity. Thus, they attend events that provide meaningful experiences. 

Think about it. Millennials are entering into more demanding work positions. This means they are busier. It also means that they are looking for something memorable to escape to that is a practical use of their valuable free-time.

So, what makes festivals so attractive then?

Festivals are a social media frenzy…

Millennials (and generation Z) live in a digital age of sharing their experiences with their audiences. Bragging rights among their friend groups if you will.

So, not only does an event need to be worthy of their valuable time, but it needs to be shareable. Whether that be through Facebook  live-streaming to share the vibe of the experience or Instagram stories to share short form video content.

Festivals fit both of the above effortlessly.

It doesn’t only have to follow one theme or activity…

While many well-known festivals are around music, not all of them are. Whether the theme be beer, film, the arts or technological advancements, a festival-style can be applied to any event theme.

Take Hackathons as an example. Campus Party partnered with MCI Brazil on their regional event series to attract and engage their millennial audiences and brightest minds with a festival-style event that became a sell-out programme.

Festivals offer the multi-faceted route, where you can combine multiple activities for various interests around one theme. It doesn’t have to only be about one thing. Campus Party and MCI Brazil showcased a range of experiences from robotics, drones, virtual reality. With over 250 activities throughout the festival and over 300 ours of content.

Enhanced experiences through brand connections…

It’s far more effective for brands to connect with mass millennial audiences through festival experiences.

The key that attracts millennial’s is a brand harmoniously linking with the event, creating a holistic experience.

Traditional marketing just doesn’t cut it anymore, thus making it less cost efficient. According to splashthat, 67% of millennials stated the reason they followed a brands social channels is because of an event. This is lucrative to sponsors that can enhance the experience for attendees with their brands and thus convert the millennial audience into fans.

Interested in boosting your experiential offerings? MCI can help you achieve your goals. Visit our website to see what we can do for you.

If you are an organisation looking to design an immersive experience that attracts millennial audiences contact Adriano Rossini, Sales Director at MCI Group, at

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